Kitchen Design: Let there be Light!

By Sue LeVee, Kitchen Designer In a previous article I talked about accent lighting, a subject that I am a bit obsessive about: This time I want to discuss all 3 types of kitchen lighting – there is hardly a kitchen remodel that doesn’t involve adding lighting. I guess we used to cook in the dark! A well designed kitchen will incorporate 3 types of lighting: Ambient, Task, and Accent. If you want some other design tips, visit Momu WA.   Ambient Lighting: This is the general, overall light in the room. Typically it is provided by a central overhead fixture … [Read more...]

Kitchen Design: Making an Impact with Lighting

In my next life, I think I’ll be a lighting designer. It is amazing to me the drama that lighting can create. When we are planning a project, we always think of the obvious elements – the flooring, the cabinetry, the wall color, even the fabrics. What about lighting? We tend to think of lighting as a functional item; we plan for lighting the way we plan for electrical outlets. Sure we need task lighting, (count up the cans for the ceiling), but let’s think a little bigger… For a small investment, the payoff is dramatic. A commonplace kitchen becomes a show-stopper, and a designer dream … [Read more...]