Trendspotting: Colorful Grout

With White-on-White kitchens ruling the kitchen design world, many designers and homeowners are looking for ways to inject a little color and character into their kitchen color palettes. White cabinets, white countertops, white backsplash tile – where’s the personality? According to Bryan Anthony, Houzz Editorial Staff, they may have found the answer abroad: colorful grout! Here are 7 brilliant examples: Is Colorful Grout the Next Big Trend in Tile Design? A small detail with a huge impact, today’s colored grouts come in a rainbow of colors: Test a few shades, and see which … [Read more...]

Creating Your Kitchen Color Palette

Congratulations on planning your new kitchen! Hire a kitchen redesign specialist to help you get the kitchen you've been dreaming of. Now you need to choose all your colors and patterns…. But where should you start? Work from the bottom up… Flooring  First decision: the flooring. Keeping your existing floors? That was easy! However, we often see the need for new floors as one of the reasons for a remodel. And the flooring doesn’t stop in the kitchen – this new material often runs throughout the first floor, and needs to coordinate with other living spaces. This is why a homeowner often … [Read more...]

Introducing: The New Neutrals

Delightful New Designer Colors for Your Kitchen We have loved white painted kitchens for years now, and when we were feeling a little braver we switched to soft gray or warm cream tones. More and more Designers and homeowners have been turning to custom colors to create a personal and unique look.  A look that is not identified with a “current trend”.  The cabinet companies are reacting to this desire with ever expanding offerings. Decorá Cabinets has expanded their Color Collection. Developed in tandem with Sherwin Williams, this offering of 30 colors is carefully curated for their … [Read more...]

Kitchen Design: Putting Together a Kitchen Color Palette

Colors and patterns – where to start? This article is a bit wordier than usual, but this topic can be complicated, and you can easily feel overwhelmed. Here are some of the ways we get the discussion headed in a productive direction. We suggest that you start collecting pictures, and put together an inspiration folder. This helps us identify the elements that appeal to your personal taste. Once we determine the vision you have for your kitchen, we can help you put together a cohesive palette. Bring in samples of any existing materials that we are working with (like flooring … [Read more...]

Kitchen Design: Going Gray

That phrase makes me think of my hairdresser, but I’m talking about gray being used in design. More and more clients are “going gray” in their kitchen spaces. It offers a versatile, refreshing change from the stand-by neutral cabinetry choices. In an article on Houzz, Jennifer Ott writes “Gray is continuing its run as a popular neutral hue in homes. It's still a bit of an unconventional choice as the predominant color in a kitchen, but that is quickly changing, as evidenced by the increasing number of gorgeous gray kitchens appearing on Houzz.” And there are so many choices! Gray is … [Read more...]