Kitchen Design: Laminate Cabinet Guide

Why we love Today’s Laminates It can be glossy and bright, or textured and subtle. Building kitchen cabinets with laminate offers limitless options, and Designers love that!. Laminate has been around a long time - it was developed in the United States in the early 1900s, and has been used in kitchens almost ever since. First, let talk about just what laminate is. This is not the same laminate Grandma had in her kitchen. The materials and technology are cutting edge. There are 2 types of laminate used in furnishings, and each has advantages and limitations. Both are similar in their … [Read more...]

Kitchen Design: Contemporary in the Suburbs

Can I do a contemporary kitchen in the middle of suburbia? “Contemporary is the watchword for North American kitchen design, according to the 2015 Kitchen & Bath Design Trends report from the National Kitchen & Bath (NKBA).” Are all these kitchens in urban loft-style homes? No, actually they are your neighbors. A lot of these homes have a small kitchen remodel making them even better. “The rise of contemporary and transitional kitchen designs have been swift. Both styles have increased in specifications by more than 15 percentage points in just four years.” –NKBA We are … [Read more...]