Cabinets 101: Product Safety

How safe are the materials in your kitchen cabinets? Your expectations are: when you purchase a product it will be manufactured to pass the health and safety standards set for that type of product.  If anywhere along the manufacturing process someone breaches this trust, people can get hurt.   You, the consumer, are the end of the line. See the show at Recently, CBS on its 60 Minutes show did an expose on overseas factories using formaldehyde in wood products (in this case flooring), in quantities that far exceeds US safety standards.  These US … [Read more...]

Kitchen Remodeling: Installing Cabinets

You did it! You’ve put together the perfect kitchen design, the perfect door style, and the perfect wood species - perfect everything.  You have everything ready to go.  The only thing that you are missing is someone to install your new kitchen cabinets. You now have two options:  Do it yourself or hire someone.    Let’s explore why you would install your kitchen cabinets yourself: You’re a professional craftsman and you have the skills. All the little lines on a tape measure do not confuse or confound you. You already have all the proper tools.  If you do not have the correct tools, … [Read more...]

Cabinets 101: A Guide to Cabinet Types

Cabinets 101: Modular vs. Semi-Custom vs. Custom Cabinets When you are cabinet shopping, navigating all the available options can be overwhelming. Your neighbor did custom cabinets – do you need to? Your sister only spent $6,000 on her whole kitchen – is this an option for you? Here is how I explain it! Cabinets are manufactured in one of three basic modes: Modular ($), Semi-Custom ($$), and Custom ($$$). The choice you make for your own project will probably be based on a few factors:  your budget, the style you like, the color or finish you want, and the interior options you are … [Read more...]

Cabinets 101: Framed vs. Frameless Cabinets

A guide to kitchen cabinet construction When a client begins a kitchen project, one of the first choices we discuss is the cabinetry. Most of us will only purchase a new kitchen a few times in our entire lives, and yet it is a major purchase, and we need to make educated choices. This is where ‘Cabinets 101’ comes in - basic information that a consumer should consider. Here is a great place to start when learning about cabinets: In the world of cabinets there are 2 main branches: Framed and Frameless. This refers to the two different ways that cabinets are constructed. Rather … [Read more...]