A Kitchen Installation Checklist

What to expect when… You are having your new kitchen installed We run our own install crew, and they can tell the minute they enter a house if the homeowner is prepared for us, or if they have no idea what’s in store. Believe me, if a client isn’t ready on install day I hear about it! So here are a few of the main things to plan for, and to help keep your install on track: Get Ready~ Empty your cabinets. Clear your countertops. Set up a temporary kitchen area. Remove items from the wall and clear the traffic areas. Clear a spot (probably in the garage) for your newly delivered … [Read more...]

Kitchen Remodeling: Installing Cabinets

You did it! You’ve put together the perfect kitchen design, the perfect door style, and the perfect wood species - perfect everything.  You have everything ready to go.  The only thing that you are missing is someone to install your new kitchen cabinets. You now have two options:  Do it yourself or hire someone.    Let’s explore why you would install your kitchen cabinets yourself: You’re a professional craftsman and you have the skills. All the little lines on a tape measure do not confuse or confound you. You already have all the proper tools.  If you do not have the correct tools, … [Read more...]