Brilliant Kitchen Storage Solutions

Like the icing on the cake, these storage options can elevate your kitchen! Waste Basket Cabinet Keeping trash and recycling at hand but hidden away, this is our most popular cabinet upgrade. Corner Lazy Susan Without the center pole, today’s Lazy Susan offers great access to those hard to reach corners. Small Appliance Storage Having a place to hide away small appliances is great for achieving that uncluttered look!   Knife and Utensil Storage A sleek option, keeping your most often used utensils right at hand. This type of base pull-out storage comes … [Read more...]

Kitchen Design: Laminate Cabinet Guide

Why we love Today’s Laminates It can be glossy and bright, or textured and subtle. Building kitchen cabinets with laminate offers limitless options, and Designers love that!. Laminate has been around a long time - it was developed in the United States in the early 1900s, and has been used in kitchens almost ever since. First, let talk about just what laminate is. This is not the same laminate Grandma had in her kitchen. The materials and technology are cutting edge. There are 2 types of laminate used in furnishings, and each has advantages and limitations. Both are similar in their … [Read more...]

Kitchen Design: The 2015 Top Kitchen Trends

In Demand Kitchen Features Houzz together with Kitchen & Bath Design News recently published a study showing the top new kitchen features built by Brooks Construction. While there are no surprises, it is a great reminder to designers of the basic things that are most important to a client. #1 Open to other rooms  52% If you have ever watched one of those 'house shopping' or home-remodeling TV shows, then you know that open floor plans are in huge demand. Homeowners want flow from one living space to another, the ability to see other areas. and easy entertaining space. #2 … [Read more...]

Cabinets 101: Product Safety

How safe are the materials in your kitchen cabinets? Your expectations are: when you purchase a product it will be manufactured to pass the health and safety standards set for that type of product.  If anywhere along the manufacturing process someone breaches this trust, people can get hurt.   You, the consumer, are the end of the line. See the show at Recently, CBS on its 60 Minutes show did an expose on overseas factories using formaldehyde in wood products (in this case flooring), in quantities that far exceeds US safety standards.  These US … [Read more...]

Cabinets 101: A Guide to Cabinet Types

Cabinets 101: Modular vs. Semi-Custom vs. Custom Cabinets When you are cabinet shopping, navigating all the available options can be overwhelming. Your neighbor did custom cabinets – do you need to? Your sister only spent $6,000 on her whole kitchen – is this an option for you? Here is how I explain it! Cabinets are manufactured in one of three basic modes: Modular ($), Semi-Custom ($$), and Custom ($$$). The choice you make for your own project will probably be based on a few factors:  your budget, the style you like, the color or finish you want, and the interior options you are … [Read more...]

Cabinets 101: Framed vs. Frameless Cabinets

A guide to kitchen cabinet construction When a client begins a kitchen project, one of the first choices we discuss is the cabinetry. Most of us will only purchase a new kitchen a few times in our entire lives, and yet it is a major purchase, and we need to make educated choices. This is where ‘Cabinets 101’ comes in - basic information that a consumer should consider. Here is a great place to start when learning about cabinets: In the world of cabinets there are 2 main branches: Framed and Frameless. This refers to the two different ways that cabinets are constructed. Rather … [Read more...]

Kitchen Design: The Work Triangle

So, we are heading back to basics. And I mean back: this design concept has been around since the 1940s. I am talking about the legendary work triangle. When a designer is laying out a kitchen, there are 3 primary work areas to consider: the sink (prep and clean up area), the range and the refrigerator. Drawing an imaginary line from the sink, to the range, to the refrigerator, and then back to the sink gives us our triangle. The Infographic at the bottom of the page has great examples! We want our kitchens not only to reflect our taste and style, but also be … [Read more...]

Kitchen Design: Cool Cabinets for Kids

When it’s time to organize or update your child’s room, you may not immediately think of cabinetry. Cabinets are for kitchens, right? Wrong!  -Bet that was a surprise  :)Cabinets are a flexible, versatile way to add storage and function almost anywhere. Cabinets come in so many styles, and colors, and sizes; just about any need you have can be addressed with cabinetry. And in the situation where a client has very exacting specifications, we can accomplish anything with custom cabinetry. These two pictures of children’s rooms are great examples of the many storage goals we can … [Read more...]