The Kitchen Island – Designing ‘le Siège Social’

Group Of Friends Having Dinner Party At Home

As a kitchen designer, I was very interested to read a RICKI study that researched some of the features that homeowners would most like to have in their Kitchen Islands. The findings were predictable: storage, seating, prep areas, etc. What the study didn’t mention was the way that the island becomes the family hub. Many of us did not grow up or start our families with an island in our kitchens. We had no idea what a family nerve center an island becomes. Of course islands are great for cooking, and offer a place where family and guests can all participate in food prep. After all, … [Read more...]

3 Reasons We LOVE this Laundry Room


Why have a humdrum laundry room when you can make a statement?   Cutting Edge Design Here is a great use of open shelving mixed with open storage cabinets and aluminum-framed glass door cabinets. This keeps this small room feeling open and bright. Modern Cabinetry The Hardin door from Kemper Distinctive Cabinetry gives a contemporary take on a classic raised-panel door. The use of dramatic angles and sleek lines make this transitional style feel totally modern, yet allow it be flexible. Designer Color Palette A blending of many different elements creates this … [Read more...]

Introducing: The New Neutrals

4  Egret, Maritime, Oasis, Seal

Delightful New Designer Colors for Your Kitchen We have loved white painted kitchens for years now, and when we were feeling a little braver we switched to soft gray or warm cream tones. More and more Designers and homeowners have been turning to custom colors to create a personal and unique look.  A look that is not identified with a “current trend”.  The cabinet companies are reacting to this desire with ever expanding offerings. Decorá Cabinets has expanded their Color Collection. Developed in tandem with Sherwin Williams, this offering of 30 colors is carefully curated for their … [Read more...]

Kitchen Design: Putting Together a Kitchen Color Palette

white palette

Colors and patterns – where to start? This article is a bit wordier than usual, but this topic can be complicated, and you can easily feel overwhelmed. Here are some of the ways we get the discussion headed in a productive direction. We suggest that you start collecting pictures, and put together an inspiration folder. This helps us identify the elements that appeal to your personal taste. Once we determine the vision you have for your kitchen, we can help you put together a cohesive palette. Bring in samples of any existing materials that we are working with (like flooring … [Read more...]

Kitchen Design: Choosing a Backsplash

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A Backsplash Guide The good news: It’s time to choose a backsplash. The bad news: It’s time to go backsplash shopping. There is such a wealth of styles, colors, and materials to choose from the decision can be daunting! Here are some guidelines and tips that will help make the task easier. Choose a kitchen color palette Before you start choosing specific colors and finishes, it is essential to have the big picture in mind. I recommend that my clients put together an idea book on Houzz, begin a board on Pinterest, or start saving magazine pictures. These “inspiration pictures” are a … [Read more...]

Kitchen Design: Laminate Cabinet Guide

Why we love Today’s Laminates It can be glossy and bright, or textured and subtle. Building cabinets with laminate offers limitless options, and Designers love that! Laminate has been around a long time - it was developed in the United States in the early 1900s, and has been used in kitchens almost ever since. First, let talk about just what laminate is. This is not the same laminate Grandma had in her kitchen. The materials and technology are cutting edge. There are 2 types of laminate used in furnishings, and each has advantages and limitations. Both are similar in their … [Read more...]

A Kitchen Installation Checklist


What to expect when… You are having your new kitchen installed We run our own install crew, and they can tell the minute they enter a house if the homeowner is prepared for us, or if they have no idea what’s in store. Believe me, if a client isn’t ready on install day I hear about it! So here are a few of the main things to plan for, and to help keep your install on track: Get Ready~ Empty your cabinets. Clear your countertops. Set up a temporary kitchen area. Remove items from the wall and clear the traffic areas. Clear a spot (probably in the garage) for your newly delivered … [Read more...]

Kitchen Design: The 2015 Top Kitchen Trends

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In Demand Kitchen Features Houzz together with Kitchen & Bath Design News recently published a study showing the top new kitchen features. While there are no surprises, it is a great reminder to designers of the basic things that are most important to a client. #1 Open to other rooms  52% If you have ever watched one of those 'house shopping' or home-remodeling TV shows, then you know that open floor plans are in huge demand. Homeowners want flow from one living space to another, the ability to see other areas. and easy entertaining space. #2 Island  50% Islands come … [Read more...]

Kitchen Design: Open Shelving – A Visual Guide


Designers love open shelving, but will it work in your kitchen? Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of open storage. First off, why do designers love open shelving so much? The esthetics: open storage adds interest; it creates a focal point. It looks different, and we love different! Here are some great examples of where, how, and why to use open shelves: Open storage breaks up a monotonous run of cabinets: Shelving creates a focal point where otherwise you might not have one: The look of open storage can help transition from one living space to another, or … [Read more...]