Creating Your Kitchen Color Palette

Congratulations on planning your new kitchen! Hire a kitchen redesign specialist to help you get the kitchen you’ve been dreaming of. Now you need to choose all your colors and patterns…. But where should you start?

color palette 2

Work from the bottom up…

Flooring  First decision: the flooring. Keeping your existing floors? That was easy! However, we often see the need for new floors as one of the reasons for a remodel. And the flooring doesn’t stop in the kitchen – this new material often runs throughout the first floor, and needs to coordinate with other living spaces. This is why a homeowner often chooses their flooring first; it must coordinate with more than one living space. Don’t forget to grab a sample to use when picking out the…

color palette 3

Next layer…

Cabinets  The next big visual impact in your kitchen space is the cabinetry. It will cover your walls from floor to ceiling. Your personal taste and your home’s décor will play a factor in this decision. A quality cabinet will last for so many years that we think of it as a permanent fixture, which often leads us to more neutral choices.

Cabinetry today comes in many different styles and wood species. We offer a huge variety of stain colors to choose from, ranging from the darkest Espresso to the lightest of maples, and if you are considering a painted cabinet, there are many stock colors to choose from, including shades of white, gray and cream. Then there is the world of custom cabinets, where we can create or match any shade!!

Now, this is where we stop to have the talk about your kitchen’s Focal Point. We have a whole article devoted to this important concept!

color palette 4

On top of that…

Countertop  Though it’s not hanging on the wall at eye level like your cabinets, your countertop can make a big impression. Almost any material that you choose will offer many color and pattern options. Keep in mind that today’s granites and quartzes will last ‘forever’, so you may want to consider a more neutral choice.

color palette 5

Now to add the Details…

Backsplash  We are all familiar with the subway tile backsplash – a classic, neutral choice that will compliment any décor. But wait until you head to the tile shop – the range of choices is amazing! Hopefully by this point you have a pretty firm design direction, and have decided on your focal point. This will take you in the right direction. Your backsplash is one of the last items to be installed, which allows you additional time to make your final choice. You can even begin using your new kitchen while deciding!

color palette 6

The Last layer – tying it all together…

Wall Paint  Your inspiration folder will help illustrate the looks that appeal to you, and your other living spaces will give us a cohesive direction. However, it is hard for most of us to visualize a whole room. Sherwin Williams offers a kitchen inspiration gallery:  as well as other great tools, like their Color Visualizer, and Chip It! Tools:  Benjamin Moore also offers useful tools and a great gallery too:

color palette 7

Meeting with your Kitchen Designer

Start collecting pictures, and put together an ‘inspiration folder’. This helps us identify the elements that appeal to your personal taste. Once we determine the vision you have for your kitchen, we can help you put together a cohesive palette. When we meet, bring in samples of any existing materials that we are working with (like flooring or fabrics), as well as any items you have already chosen.

Thank you to  for the inspiration!

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