A Kitchen Installation Checklist

What to expect when… You are having your new kitchen installed


We run our own install crew, and they can tell the minute they enter a house if the homeowner is prepared for us, or if they have no idea what’s in store. Believe me, if a client isn’t ready on install day I hear about it! So here are a few of the main things to plan for, and to help keep your install on track:

Get Ready~
Empty your cabinets. Clear your countertops.
Set up a temporary kitchen area.
Remove items from the wall and clear the traffic areas.
Clear a spot (probably in the garage) for your newly delivered cabinets.
Clear an area for us to set up our tools.
Make arrangements for the disposal of your old cabinets.

Empty-Kitchen-lovinghere.com & temp kit heyletsmakestuff.com

Remember ~
Remodeling a kitchen is a construction project.
The process will make noise and mess!
There will be people, tools, cabinets, and appliances in and out of your house.
Keep children and pets far away from the construction area.
Be available by phone should any installation decisions come up.


Expect the Unexpected!!
There are many pieces that have to come together in a remodel. This means that there is great potential for unexpected things to pop up. From faulty electric to non-code construction, we have seen it all. There may be delays, and unforeseeable expenses. We will work through any issues with you!

bad electric diy.stackexchange.com & greatenvironmental.com

And Last~
Hang in there! In a short while you will get to step back and truly appreciate your beautiful new cabinets. In a couple more weeks your countertops will be installed; then you can really see that all the effort was well worth it!
Print out the full Install Guide at:  http://bit.ly/1IG9wyP


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  1. My wife and I are planning on getting some new cabinets put in our kitchen. I really liked this post, and I didn’t even think about the possibility that I would need to keep my children and pets far away from the construction area. I’ll ask my neighbor if we could all crash at his house while the work is being done. Thanks for sharing!

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