Kitchen Design: The 2015 Top Kitchen Trends

In Demand Kitchen Features

Houzz together with Kitchen & Bath Design News recently published a study showing the top new kitchen features built by Brooks Construction. While there are no surprises, it is a great reminder to designers of the basic things that are most important to a client.

Houzz Kitchen Trend chart

#1 Open to other rooms  52%

If you have ever watched one of those ‘house shopping’ or home-remodeling TV shows, then you know that open floor plans are in huge demand. Homeowners want flow from one living space to another, the ability to see other areas. and easy entertaining space.

Decora open

#2 Island  50%

Islands come in a close second place. Homeowners love the practical usefulness of islands, as well as the visual interest they create. Great extra storage, a central workspace, and a great focal point – it’s easy to see why homeowners are looking at adding islands!

Kemper island

#3 Built-in cabinet pantry 44%

A tall pantry cabinet offers a huge amount of storage, keeping your most used items right at hand in a beautiful, cohesive way. As part of a run of cabinetry, they are often tucked in next to a refrigerator or double oven.

masterbrand pantry cabs

#4 Bar with seating  27%

There are a few reasons that bar-height seating is so popular. When a taller seating area is created, it hides the workspace behind it, keeping food prep or dirty dishes out of the line-of-sight. The change of height also adds visual interest; and bar stools are fun, and a great accessory!

Decora bar height

#5 Electronics charging station  22%

We have all dealt with the mess of phone chargers – cords everywhere, and don’t forget all those other devices! Homeowners want a way to keep it all collected in one central location, Ideally out of sight!

Masterbrand charging station

#6 Breakfast area  18%

Not perched at the kitchen island, and not in the dining room – 18% of homeowners want their kitchen to offer a place to sit. We like to settle in with our coffee, laptop, and a comfortable chair!

Decora breakfast area

It’s always good to review the things that are most important to homeowners, and keep these basics in mind!

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