Kitchen Design: The 2016 Top Cabinet Choice

White kitchen cabinets: Classic. Timeless. Versatile. It is easy to see why homeowners are drawn to this enduring favorite.

Houzz together with Kitchen & Bath Design News recently published a study showing that white cabinets are chosen 49% of the time. Almost half of us are doing white kitchens!

Here in Chicagoland there are a number of factors my clients mention that influence this decision:

v  We are doing a huge amount of wood floors, often in mid and dark tones. To avoid the whole issue of matching the wood stain of the cabinets to the color of the flooring, we choose white cabinetry
v  White is a classic. It will never go out of style. We can create a look that transcends the latest “trends”. Paired with a classic door style, we can create a look that will last for decades.
v  When you own a home in an area like suburban Naperville, with high turnover, your remodeling decisions need to take resale into account. Homeowners need to consider how their house will present to potential buyers in the future.
v  White is a neutral. It will work in any color palette. It can pair with any floor, and compliment any wall color. We can design a neutral, even monochromatic background that will allow the client to change room décor, fabrics, even wall color, to suit changing tastes.


White comes in a variety of tones- from the bright high gloss of contemporary, to the modern soft white touched with gray, to the more traditional warm white with a touch of cream.


No matter how you use it: white on white monochromatic, warmed with rich wood, or accented with pops of color, white cabinets can work in any home!
Imagine only that not long ago we needed roof top service and other exterior works. And now I can make it a dream house.

Posted by Sue LeVee

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